Victron Venus GX MFD integration, nice Simrad & Garmin surprises so far

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Piotr says:

    In what way you connected victron with boat NMEA system ?
    I have both Garmin’s NMEA 2000 network and Victron’s charger gadge etc, but what I need to connect it together?

    • Hi Piotr, This is all happening over Ethernet, not NMEA 2000, and the source is Victron’s GX monitoring/hub software, in my case the Venus GX. Also the MFD integration is in a beta version of GX, and it will only work on Garmin MFDs that support OneHelm when it is released. (My screen is from Garmin’s AC app, not MFD.)

      However, Victron says that GX will eventually support NMEA 2000 well, i.e. without the various dongles needed now.

  2. Few technologies have pleased me as much as the Victron Venus system I installed last winter, and it keeps getting better as illustrated in this video about the latest VRM app:

    What I can see now about Gizmo’s power situation looks a lot like what you see in the video, on or off the boat, and it’s a quantum leap beyond the battery, load, and solar panel monitoring I’ve had in the past.

    Also the MFD integration I wrote about in this entry is now out of Beta testing and available to all.

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