Fusion Apollo and Signature Series, a boatload of audio goodness

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Publisher of Panbo.com, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, completed the Great Loop in 2017.

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  1. PaulGel says:

    The issue with noise coming through the head unit is interesting. I have a Fusion MS AB206 Subwoofer/Amp that is unusable because it is picking up interference from something on the boat. I have fitted a power filter and high end shielded cables but nothing has worked. Sound equipment for boats and cars should be designed for an electrically noisy environment.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      I’d be interested to know if others have experienced similar noise issues. It’s very possible that Have Another Day is so noisy these are unusual issues limited to my boat.


      • I have the new Apollo on board and used existing wiring from when my boat was built both for power and also speakers. I haven’t noticed any noise at all so far.

      • Romulo says:

        I installed the MS AB206 and it picks up noise from LED lights and AC units. I have not yet tried any filters, but I am sure it is coming from the unit. If I unplug power and use the Fusion radio I have zero interference. Power is coming from the same place of the Fusion radio.

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