CZone answers call for entry-level digital switching solution with the new Contact 6 PLUS system

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Happy to report that these new CZone components will eventually be sold retail and we hope to have list prices soon. That said, setting them up will likely be an advanced DIY project as I just described with the new and somewhat similar Maretron MPower digital switching:

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    More information from CZone:

    “We are quite excited about the retail potential for this product, there has already been great interest from large retailers throughout the world.

    We have made the product as easy as possible to install for OEM’s and DIY customers by introducing:
    * “Factory Configurations” for plug and play installation
    * Drill only installation (2 1/16” small engine gauge hole saw) so users do not require cutting or using jig saw’s or similar on their dashboards. This reduces the chance of scratching gel coat, and makes it possible to install in tight locations, besides steering helms etc
    * New Smart Harness to connect the Waterproof Keypad to the Contact 6 PLUS module. This is an all in one, NMEA2000 backbone for a standalone system. It includes power feed wires and termination.
    * Degson connector for output wires from the Module, so the customer does not need to purchase expensive crimping tools and Deustch style connectors for a one off install.
    * Removing wiring complexity by including the fuse panel in the product, there is now no need for a bus bar behing the dash, with a fuse panel and bundle of wires going to a traditional switch panel. This makes for a cleaner installation, removes connection points that can corrode or fail, and removes the risk of an inexperienced installer miss-crimping wires due to inexperience or cheap crimps and crimping tools.

    Factory Configurations:
    * We have included a factory configuration on the modules, with a ONE to ONE default circuit mapping. This means, out of the box the buttons 1 to 6 control channels 1 to 6 without the need for any tools or equipment.
    * Toggle between Momentary and Latching – With a long keypress combination you can toggle the default latching functionality of a circuit to a momentary circuit. This is for circuits like Horns or Anchor winches when you only want the circuit on when your pressing it.
    * Default NMEA2000 output of voltage monitoring (network stud has volt monitoring)
    * Default Display Integration for Compatible MFD’s (Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad etc.) IF connected, they will receive the config and be able to control the Contact 6 PLUS. In fact you could purchase just a Contact 6 PLUS and it will work with no keypad and a compatible MFD with no configuration tools required.
    * Later in the year( September/August) we will release a 12 way keypad. Their will be a factory configuration for a 12 way Keypad and 2x Contact 6 PLUS modules with 1 through 12 circuit mapping.

    Selectable Configurations:
    * Later in the year, we will expand on the factory configurations. We will add to the configurations stored in the units, and the user will be able to select a desired set up from a table in the install manual, and simply setting the DIPSWITCH on the modules to achieve this.
    * We will include some basic MODE functionality like:
    * Sequential NAV/ANCHOR Light buttons.
    * Basic night modes for dimming back light
    * Timer function for circuits like Live Bait Tanks, cycling the pump on and off to save battery voltage
    * Load shedding at a set volt point to turn off some or all circuits to protect battery voltage

    There are much more features in this small little system, as they are both essentially fully functional CZone modules, they can be added to existing CZone systems. SO the Keypad could be used to control a COI, or Control 1, and the Contact 6 PLUS could be controlled by any other CZone controller, Circuit or Mode.

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