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Optimaxlrg2I don’t know anything about OptiMax, right, except that it popped up in our Google Ads when I wrote about touch screens. But I’m curious because I think screen cleaning is a serious subject! Last fall, when I borrowed PMY’s Luhrs to go up the Hudson, one of the twin Raymarine C-120’s at the helm had a really messed up screen, obviously the result of someone rubbing on the wrong fluid or with the wrong cloth. I’ve heard of Furuno NavNet screens being ruined with Windex glass cleaner. The point is that many modern marine electronics screens are surfaced with anti-glare coatings that are susceptible to damage. So how should we get the darn things clean?  What do you use? Is it true that paper towels can scratch some displays? Have you ever checked your manual on this subject? Seriously, manufacturers and users, please tell us what works, and what’s dangerous.  

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    I simply use a plain Kleenex moistened with ordinary tap water (careful, some tissues have lotions in them). After you “wet” the screen, dry it with a fresh one. Do this when the monitor is cold or the water will evaporate as you wipe and leave streaks.

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