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Active Captain Community app support

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Publisher of Panbo.com, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, completed the Great Loop in 2017.

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  1. Ron Dwelle says:

    Note that Garmin Active Captain is not compatible with older iPads, only versions that handle the latest OS.

  2. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    Garmin confirms they still have some work to do in order to resolve the issues with syncing for both BlueChart Mobile and Garmin ActiveCaptain. Hopefully sometime next week the issues being experienced with those two apps will be resolved.

  3. It is incredible to me the complete lack of clarity on Garmin’s part. They acquired an expensive asset and can’t seem to share direction. Who is the voice of Garmin Marine? Their blog has no identity other than Garmin. During the month of May there were zero updates on Active Captain when there was a its coming blog in April. I really thinkGarmin has amazing engineering but they simply don’t know how to engage the community! Users who loved BlueChart are lost and unsure. And the silence from Garmin is deafening.

  4. Will Kamp says:


    You can add MX Mariner to the “Display coming soon, editing to follow” category. I’m currently working adding support for ACC display in MX Mariner. And, will follow up with ACC edit support.

    Will Kamp (MX Mariner Developer)

  5. I like to look at the bright side. It seems that right now, the only way that anyone can access or edit fresh ACC info while not connected to the Internet is to use Aqua Map or Coastal Explorer. Moreover, neither the ActiveCaptain App nor the old BlueChart Mobile — i.e. Garmin’s own apps– are slated to permit offline editing.

    In other words, it’s really hard to see how all the fears about Garmin keeping AC to itself and/or monetizing it are coming true. I’m sure that the AC app and BCM will be updating correctly soon, and AC is coming to (Garmin’s) Navionics Boating app sometime in 2018, but right now the third party developers have a good chance to win the hearts and typing fingers of ACC fans.

    • Evan says:

      Ben – I envy your “glass half-full” interpretation of the situation. I’m trying to stay optimistic as well. I’ve got a literal boatload of Garmin hardware and want this all to succeed.

      The missing piece to the puzzle is the input of Garmin’s product manager for AC. He should have a blog and publish updates weekly just as Jeff Siegel used to do. I realize that this may be a stretch for the Garmin corporate culture but they should bite the bulletin and learn from companies that do this well like Microsoft.

  6. Ken N says:

    … I’m rather surprised that they removed AC from HomePort. Homeport was going to be my front end for entering routes and waypoints into our new Garmin GPSMAP 64st (with the additional marine chart card)
    This rollout is still messier than I’d thought it would be.

  7. Phil says:

    As of today, June 4th, Garmin Active Captain app on iOS is still not able to sync to the database. Last dataset you can get is may 21st.

  8. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    WilhelmSK has added support for the new ACC API! The app didn’t support the old API so this is the first expansion of support we’ve seen. Still waiting to see the first Android app supporting the new API but I’m hoping we will see that soon.

  9. Looks like Garmin is starting to support ACC info on some of their MFDs:

    software version 12.00/3.70 as of June 11, 2018

    Changes made from version 11.20 to 12.00:
    Added support for viewing ActiveCaptain Community information.


    I hope to try it tomorrow

  10. RObert says:

    This just in. Yesterday’s (6/11/18) update to the iOS ActiveCaptain app claims to upload AC community data to Garmin ChartPlotters. I’ll be doing some testing this coming weekend to verify if this is so.

    If True, this will mark the first time to my knowledge that the community data itself has found its way onto the actual MFD.

  11. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    Garmin sent an email today (6/13/18) to the ActiveCaptain mailing list updating users on the status of the new ACC launch. The email acknowledges there are problems signing-in and updating both ActiveCaptain (the app) and BlueChart Mobile. Garmin goes on to apologize for the inconvenience and targets Monday 6/18 for a fix.

    They also remind users that because of the privacy changes they had to make for GDPR they’ve permanently removed ACC support from HomePort.

    • It’s strange that Garmin didn’t use that email blast to announce ACC support on most of their MFD’s, but what I saw listed in the v12.00 update is for real. Gizmo’s Garmin 7612 and 742 displays are both showing all ACC markers and data quite nicely after this morning’s update. More to come.

  12. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    It looks like Garmin is making progress on updating ACC data for their apps. Garmin ActiveCaptain (the MFD companion app) is working now, I show data updated 6/22/18 at 10:32am.

    BlueChart Mobile is making it further than it was before. It now downloads data for a while before reporting the update was interrupted.

  13. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    Garmin has sent an email informing users that they will need to log out of ActiveCaptain in BCM, delete the old data, and re-download the data. I’m about 15 minutes through and it looks like the process is working.

  14. Happy to report that the ActiveCaptain app on my iPad updated ACC data properly this morning, and that it it also synched nicely from the app to Gizmo’s Garmin MFD network. I know for sure that the data is current because an unnecessary Hazard maker I deleted very recently at the ACC website is also gone on the MFDs and in the My Chart section of app. The whole process took just a few minutes, even underway with a modest cell connection.

  15. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    Aqua Map has released a new iOS version (11) with a number of pretty major features:

    • Added new function Anchor Alarm with advanced configuration
    • Integrated the Waterway Guide POIs database for USA
    • Added Canada Tides & Currents stations”
    This makes them the second iOS app to pick up Waterway Guide’s database. Aqua Map seems to be pretty close with an Android version that supports ACC but for now it still appears the Android crowd is left out of the ACC fun.

    • Hi Ben S! I bit the bullet and bought Aqua Map for my iPhone — WONDERFUL! Works a charm, and once you get used to maneuvering around the screen, almost as good as a full-size laptop. For ease of use, it eclipses iNavX completely.
      Note that I generally use it for exploring ahead, not for real-time navigation (though that mode works fine). It has both AC and Waterway Guide markers, so lots of info.

      • A followup regarding Aqua Map – I had identified a problem with some current stations (the three in the Cape Cod Canal were depicting flows of 12-15 knots!) and sent them an email. They confirmed a problem, which they said was fixed for those three, and would be eliminated with the next version, due out soon. Bravo!

  16. Ben SteinBen Stein says:

    Aqua Map has now released the Android version with ACC support. They’re currently the only app I’m aware of that supports ACC on Android (except for the MFD companion Garmin ActiveCaptain app).

  17. Here’s an excellent Slowboat analysis of how various charts, guides, and AC compare to very the realworld details of a gorgeous harbor in Alaska, but I’d treat the last part about ActiveCaptain with a grain of salt (and think that Slowboat should edit it deeply):


  18. Delos says:

    Both versions Nobletec Timezero Pro and Navigator work well with latest update.

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