Wireless displays have a bright future in yachting

Wireless displays, not Tablet PC’s which are PC in themselves, will definitely have benefits when used while sailing. They will easily decouple the display from a computer that is used for navigation and all other kinds of purposes. Especially when they are water-resistant they should allure to sailors and Panasonic Toughbook MDWD Wireless Monitor is a good example.
“While not specifically designed for boats, this innovative addition to the Toughbook line will interest navigators who want flexible access to a yacht�s PC system. It weighs only 1.5 pounds, and its 8.4-inch, 800×600 pixel, color touchscreen LCD is both transflective and powerfully backlit.”

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  1. robb says:

    Cound this device be wirelessly linked with a video signal? Like the output of a chart plotter.

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