Waterproof Entertainment Trend

I already saw it in my logfiles, but looking at the press-coverage on waterproof MP3 players, I must conclude there is definitely a trend here. Oceanic’s DV-X has been mentioned on this website before, and now CNETAsia highlights it as well.
“Take the plunge with the Oceanic DV-X, an accessory that lets you use your MP3 player on a diving or snorkeling trip. The kit provides waterproof housing for any iRiver 300-series player and earphones made specifically for underwater listening, so you can hear your favorite tunes or take an audio-guided tour of wreck sites or sea life.”
And don’t forget about recent postings on the Boom Boom Multi-Box, the oPod, the iPAL, the Aqua FM Swim Snorkel Radio, JVC’s portable waterproof speakers, the Lilipod, the SWIMMAN and Arriva’s Wrap-Radio.
(Waterproof at Amazon.com)

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