U.S. Coast Guard mobile, a good app with a compelling back story

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    Everyone should use this, it’s pretty simple, and it makes a lot of information more usable. E.g. if you have an emergency, want to report a problem, etc. You can execute on that decision far faster with this application then working off printed materials (e.g. it can grab your GPS location and dial your phone)
    I hesitate to suggest that this be enhanced”, as the application just the way it is, accomplishes a lot with simplicity.
    The absence of cloud integration is holding the application back in some respects that make me wonder if it should prompt the user at all to input so much information in the first place. All the optional fields for example, as I experienced this:
    * after I go through entering the many fields of information the application doesn’t really use, I learned it’s only available on my phone, not my tablet, my fiance’s phone nor her tablet. (A considerable limitation, for anyone that locks their phone with a pin, fingerprint, or password … your crew cannot access this application for you, if your dealing with the emergency yourself or you are the emergency)
    * when I upgraded from galaxy s5 to s6, all the information entered did not move with the phone.
    * I can’t print a copy or email it either. That would be nice, after your get the info in one place, to save a copy.
    * If I was to use the float plan feature (which needs an option for intermediate stops), I would be so much more likely to do that, if it was available on my tablet or from my PC … which would also allow me the option of having my crew maintain it.
    If not the cloud, an ability to copy the information to another phone or tablet of another crew member, would be useful.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    This app probably does not serve as the required copy aboard vessels 12 meters or greater, but the full PDF on your phone, tablet or PC does if you can “avail yourself of a Rule(s) within 2 minutes of the need to do so.”
    FAQ specifics here: http://goo.gl/XY6uo8
    PDF here: http://goo.gl/7TnrCT

  3. Will I Am says:

    Impressed with this little app. Smooth and easy to use. I don’t switch phones often, so i’m not to worried about the cloud.
    The success of this application would probably be based on this simplicity. Maintaining servers and managing private data costs to much. The USCG wants relationships with people but at arms length. This little app is probably the perfect hybrid relationship… Cheers from the MIA.

  4. Bill Bishop says:

    Ben, nice piece. I saw the app for the first time this week while doing some customer training. The owner was concerned that the position on his app didn’t match the position on his MFD. It’s a small detail but the app is using Decimal Degrees (XX.XXX) (If there was a way to change this I couldn’t quickly find it) and his chart plotter was using Degrees Decimal Minutes (XXX.XX.XXX) which is the format most recreational boaters use. Your MFD can convert Decimal Degrees but it’s a pain in the a to do it and most boaters won’t intuitively know how. Is there a L/L format that is preferred by SART providers? It seems this is the sort of thing where confusion in formats could cause an issue. BTW I think it’s a very valuable and cool app. I’m going to download onto my ithingy’s and will recommend it to others.

  5. Norton Rider says:

    Thanks for posting this. I played with the App a bit and found it to be quite good. I’m going to recommend it to my USPS the students at my USPS classes.
    Moreover, I am from Puerto Rico and have a number of relatives and friends there. I am going to make them aware of the BastaYaPR app.

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