Ultimate open MFD, or Ethernet monstrosity?

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Thanks, Dan; this is a very interesting development. It might even run the amazing GMail Motion feature announced by Google today. Be sure to watch the video:

  2. Kees says:

    This is the best April 1st joke that I encountered this year, as it is (a) almost believable and (b) very desirable.
    Number two is a prank saying that the Dutch government is going to offshore its Rijkswaterstaat (nearest equivalent: US Army Corps of Engineers) ships to Panama so it can evade the local emission laws, in Dutch: http://www.schuttevaer.nl/nieuws/actueel/nid15447-ingezonden-rws-vloot-ontwijkt-onder-vlag-panama-emissie-eisen.html
    That prank works because it is (a) almost believable (no underestimating the stupidity of government) and (b) very undesirable.
    Translation of the Dutch article:
    In order to achieve a more efficient and cost-efficent government the Northsea Shipping Company will flag the Rijkswaterstaat fleet as Panamian starting today. RWS 21 will be the first ship that is reflagged today. Mr. Ricardo Martinelli and the representation of the highest nautical instances in Paname will attend the Traffic Station in Dordrecht later today at 10 AM.
    It is most likely that this ceremony will be concluded with an excellent bottle of sangria, according to Panamense custom.
    ‘In this way the Dutch Army Corps of Engineers (Rijkswaterstaat) sets the trend towars a smarted an more efficient government’, says Ton Oplicht from state shipping company Noordzee. ‘At the same time we are circumventing the strict emission measurements for yellow ships.’
    As this is an international cooperation effort there is further effort being made toward a varied personnel payroll. ‘We are considering an exchange program for the majority of our staff, consisting mainly of very fit males. They will get the opportunity to slow down and/or improve down-rigging

  3. I think I have to vote that it’s a monstrosity. There are more elegant solutions for this and they may even cost less. Since the IPad will now accept GPS via Bluetooth, the one missing component I’m looking for personally, is a device to broadcast my boat NMEA stream over Bluetooth so the nav apps on the IPad can get the data wirelessly.

  4. Sandy Daugherty says:

    So that’s why sunlight readable displays are so hard to find; they are being snapped up by submariners all over the world. Do they know something we don’t?

  5. steverow says:

    There will be a whole team in China working to copy your design right now!!

  6. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    It’s easy to design electronics when you can use parts that don’t exist. For example, the displays envisioned on this design would have sunlight viewable displays at resolutions equal to the iphone 4 (e.g. retinal display resolution), plus Apple would need to open up their product and provide the hooks in iOS that would allow the iPhone or IPad to be remotely accessed from another touch screen. (e.g. the functionality where the application you paid for on your iPhone or iPad, appears on the sunlight viewable display of the MFD).

  7. AaronH says:

    April Fools – too funny!!

  8. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    Incorporating the Gmail Motion feature would provide a man over board capability. The gesture of loosing balance and falling over board, can be followed up with marking the position on the chartplotter, sounding an alarm, and then auto pilot back to the position.

  9. Dan Corcoran says:

    Bump. April Fools No More

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