SpotX 2-way Globalstar satellite messenger, Viuho Inmarsat too

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Dreuge says:

    The lower retail price of $250 of the SPOT X washes away when one considers total cost with a service plan. The InReach month by month service options are a big win for consumers.

    While Garmin has come out with new InReach+ devices, the Delorme devices are still available new and fully supported. I just purchased the Delorme InReach Explorer for $199 minus a 10% discount at Cabela’s online. I made the decision to drop my old SPOT2 as they wanted over $170 for an annual service of which I only need a few months of service. Yea, this year I spent an additional $110 for an active (newer and better) device, but next year I’ll save $110 using the Delorme InReach Explorer over my old SPOT 2. It’s a win even is I use the Delorme for just two years.

    And with regards to the new SPOT X, it is still not as good as either the Delorme or Garmin units, and in the long run will cost much more for service.

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Thanks, Dreuge, but I don’t understand how you calculate that the Spot X service “will cost much more.” Of course that’s going to vary with how the device is used, but let’s compare middle of the road plans, Spot X Weekender Annual Plan at $200 versus inReach Recreational Freedom Plan at $35 a month.

      Granted, Spot X does not offer a monthly plan like Freedom that you can stop and start easily without penalty, but wouldn’t a typical cruising season be about five months, which is $175 worth of inReach Recreational Freedom plan and just $25 shy of Spot X’s 12 month Weekender cost. Both have unlimited tracking but Spot X’s can be every 5 minutes versus inReach’s every 10 minutes.

      The inReach plan includes 40 messages per month (200 for five months), $0.50 per extra message while Spot X offers 300 messages for the whole year, $0.25 per extra. So Spot X not only offers more messages per plan dollar but also lets you use them heavily for, say, a month’s cruise to Canada.

      Spot X seems to do fairly well in that comparison, plus you could use it during the other 7 months for a trip or hike or whatever. And, by the way, the inReach annual Recreational plan costs $300 with included messages still 40 max per month.

      Again, I’ve seen great performance from inReach for years, and have not tried the Spot X at all, but I’m not getting where you see how Spot X will “cost much more for service.”

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