Raymarine adds easy STng-to-N2K adapter plugs and a SeaTalk NG alarm

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Leslie Troyer says:

    Still no adapters to go from ST-NG backbone(blue) to DeviceNet. I had to fabricate one using a 1M blue backbone cable and Maretronics field N2K ends.

    Am I the only one who wanted something like this???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good news ! those are the ones that are missing.

  3. Oh man, where were these a year ago when I was cutting up a spur cable to attach to my M506? Next time… 🙂

  4. Keith Pleas says:

    I too had a mixed network on my (recently sold) trawler, and I made my own crossover cable. I also power-isolated the two networks. So…with these new options…without puzzling through each of the adapter configurations, if you wanted to have ONE backbone, would it be ST-NG or DeviceNet? Guessing it would be which one had the most native connections.

    • I currently have an ST-NG system (except for the above-mentioned M506) on our Tayana 48 sailboat, which I installed in 2013/14. ST-NG was easy to use, the smaller ends are MUCH easier to thread thru congested/tight spaces and appear to be secure, both mechanically and for water intrusion.
      That said, I would examine the choice very closely next time around (if it ever happens :)) – you can’t buy loose connectors for ST-NG, so custom-length cabling isn’t possible, and it appears that Ray is going away from the system, at least for MFDs. These new adapters will make having a mixed system easier, of course.

      • Keith Pleas says:

        Yes, the Maretron field-installable connectors are handy indeed. That said, I would prefer not to have to solder – tinkertoy is fine for me.

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