Nobeltec/Panasonic WiFi Display gets an upgrade

Nobeltec_Panasonic WND 2Panasonic calls it a Toughbook MDWD, an awkward acronym for Mobile Data Wireless Display. Nobeltec simplified it to WND for Wireless Nobeltec Display. Whatever the name, this touch screen portable display is nifty technology, able to extend the usefulness of a “down below” PC to most anywhere on deck. Once you’ve added a WiFi transceiver (easy) and the included MDWD/WND drivers to the PC, you can run it remotely with a stylus or even a finger tip. The weather resistant wireless display even comes with a wrist strap. I tested one a couple of years ago and was impressed with how readable the 8.4” screen was, even in difficult light. Now Nobeltec is offering a new MK2 model ($1,900) that is purportedly even brighter, and has a longer battery life. Nobeltec is also now stocking extra battery packs and an AC adapter.

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