New SmartSeal Temperature Sensors with Alarms

TPS-SMK Single Engine Sensor

Gemeco is pleased to introduce a truly unique and innovative solution for early detection and prevention of shaft seal failures. New from Tides Marine, their patented SmartSeal sensors monitor the cooling water temperature of a boat’s shaft seals and triggers a series of alarms when the water temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range. Designed for quick connection to Tides Marine’s SureSeal products, this system works with other manufacturers’ dripless shaft seals by simply changing the existing NPT water injection fittings.

TPS-DMK Twin Engine Sensor

SmartSeal Sensors Help Prevent Costly Failures

SmartSeal temperature sensors detect an increase in water temperature within the shaft seal and will cause a warning alarm to sound, providing the crew with advanced notice of a problem. Further temperature increases will trigger a critical alert warning indicating that a seal failure will occur if not corrected, preventing potentially costly or even crippling damage.

As an added bonus, the SmartSeal sensor housing includes a built-in air temperature sensor so that when the case is mounted in the engine room, NMEA2000 standard engine room temperature is seamlessly reported to the network.

Whether or not the vessel has a NMEA2000 network, the SmartSeal temp monitoring system connects using familiar and readily available NMEA2000 micro cables and connectors (see the installation examples below).

SmartSeal is an inexpensive and easy solution that works with any brand of shaft seal and operates as a standalone system or communicates over the NMEA network…or both.”  — Pete Braffitt


  • Solid-state sensor with no moving parts
  • Control module is powered directly from the NMEA2000 network or any onboard 12 VDC power source if a NMEA2000 network is not present
  • Control module mounts to the engine room bulkhead and is available for single or twin-engine installations
  • Engine room temperature sensor is standard on all control units and the module also has an output for an optional remote siren or for connection to an onboard warning/alarm system
  • Remote units designed for mounting at helm or flybridge are available
  • SmartSeal temperature sensors can be retrofitted to any Tides Marine SureSeal or other manufacturers’ dripless shaft seals already in service

Extended Warranty

When a SmartSeal system is installed in conjunction with the new SureSeal, your warranty is extended by 3 years… to a 5 year warranty.

Gemeco Catalog page showing SmartSeal retail pricing available from marine electronics dealers and installers.


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