Navionics XL3 Charts

I like the way the marine electronics industry is, finally, taking real advantage of economies of scale, standardization and innovation in the computer industry. This Navionics example is perfect proof of that.
“The company says, “until now memory space was inhibited by the need to use proprietary memory cards which were less efficient and more expensive than generic memory cartridges. These generic cards have now significantly reduced in price and increased in size, enabling us to utilise them for the new XL3 charts. Navionics XL3 charts are loaded onto MMC (Multi Media Card) or CF (Compact Flash) cartridges. These are compatible with leading brands of chart-plotters from manufacturers including Eagle, Geonav, Humminbird, Lowrance, Northstar and Raymarine. XL3 charts are also compatible with PC navigational packages including Geonav, PC plotter, Seatrack and SW&N.”

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