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NMEA SIMNET bus just died  

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September 1, 2018 6:43 pm  

Mark.  My simnet issues brought me to this forum.  I’m new here.  I experienced some of the same problems with my system. 

I’ve read through the discussion and wasn’t sure if it was clearly mentioned, but the wind instrument IS the end of the network backbone. It has a built-in simnet terminator.  If your wind instrument fails or is not present it can bring down the network.  The other end of the Simnet Backbone is a Termination Plug inserted into a 3 way at start of the Network, at one on my 3 MFD’s

In my case the wind instrument was damaged (lightning??) and it caused an error on the network.  Nothing was being recognised.  Unplugging it helped considerably, but not completely. Installing the red termination plug in it’s place at the 3 way at the base of the mast brought everything back 100%. 

Now this weekend I notice the NAIS-300 is out.  It’s warm to the touch and it’s drawing current, but there are no indicator lights illuminated. I assume it’s toast.  Another possible lightning strike or just a failure of the unit. 

It’s been an expensive summer.  

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