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Getting Two B&G Zeus MFD's to Share Charts  


Jim Groom
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13/06/2018 12:32 pm  

Two years ago I had an authorized retailer install a B&G instrument suite including an MFD (at the helm), Wind/DST, VHF, rudder position, and weather module. Last year I added another Zeus2 MFD in the nav station, it was a screaming deal at Defender. I am running into an issue with the charts loaded in the helm MFD, the new MFD will not read them. Every time I turn the MFDs on I get a message asking me for a different chart to view. Currently, both are wired so that when the breaker is turned on I still have to turn the MFD on at the panel. Should the power up options be changed now that I have two panels? We will not be back on the boat for another month and I cannot  remember the exact wording of the message. 

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19/06/2018 11:45 pm  

The problem you are describing has nothing to do with the master/slave power settings and the yellow wire.

How are the displays connected to each other?

To share charts the units must be networked together through the Ethernet ports. Charts will not share thru a N2K network. If the two displays are connected with Ethernet and still not working, master reset both(backup everything) reinstall newest software and see if that fixes it. If not, ensure your ethernet cables are good, otherwise, get Navico involved, possible hardware problem.

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