Live Weather Reports

Real-time access to high-quality weather information is as much important as it is difficult. Since internet access is not (yet) ubiquitous, alternatives are popping up that seem to combine strengts of all available technologies.
“The Weather Channel Marine (WCM) service is a continuous stream of live onboard weather from a single analytical source. This packet of information is transmitted from orbiting satellites to a small onboard antenna, then on to a decoding black box, and finally to your computer or monitor screen.”

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  1. Ken Jones says:

    This is a really great service. I saw it at my last boat show and it seems to provide enough info to be able to dodge thunderstorms when you are out in a smaller boat.
    For those that want to hear NOAA Mariner Weather Radio while at work or home, Mariner Networks, LLC has a great web site ( where you can hear audio streams of NOAA weather radio from different locations around the country. They even stream VHF Marine radio so you can hear boaters chatting offshore and listen to real-time fishing reports as they catch fish!

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