LinkWav, Inmarsat FB finally makes sense for intermittent users

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

Panbo editor, publisher & chief bottlewasher from 4/2005 until 8/2018, and now excited to have Ben Stein as very able publisher, webmaster, and editing colleague. Panbo is going to the next level in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. Don Joyce says:

    Eric is absolutely great. His company Farallon Electronics is the go to location as the importer of Pactor SSB modems. I have my fingers crossed for this venture!

  2. Rich Galasso says:

    There is a solution for the cheap Coastal cruiser that you claim to be. Sat-Fi!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Sat-Fi is great for voice and basic email but it isn’t anywhere near as capable for data as an FB.

  4. emsusa says:

    Big rate increases at Inmarsat for post paid plans as of the new year. Up to $33/Mb for data! LinkWav at $10/Mb has a good chance at gaining market share… it is the same Inmarsat service, just a different way of billing!
    Eric Steinberg

  5. Larry Shick says:

    This offering appears to apply to FleetBroadband only, not us real bottom-feeders with 9500-series handsets. Right?

  6. emsusa says:

    LinkWav is specifically for Inmarsat terminals. We currently support Fleet Broadband 150/250/500. We will add support for the Fleet One later this year. When moving data, Fleet Broadband and Fleet One is very competitive with Iridium and a lot less $ than Iridium for voice minutes.
    Iridium being a handheld phone is a good option for a lot of applications.
    Eric Steinberg

  7. emsusa says:

    News: Inmarsat Fleet One rate area changes and Linkwav adds support…
    Fleet One is the very affordable little brother of Fleet Broadband. Fleet One rates are now $5/Mb for data and 50 cents / minute for voice. Data sessions are limited to the areas outlined in the coverage map, voice calls can originate from anywhere 80n to 80s worldwide. The LinkWav Pay As You Go airtime service is now supporting Fleet One terminals. If you have been using Iridium for data, it may be time to re-evaluate!
    What’s new here? The data coverage is finite, meaning a data connection no longer be made outside the “Home Zone”. Fleet One used to have two rate areas, the Home Zone at $5/Mb and the rest of the planet at $40/Mb! Though the Home Zone is plenty big for many users, the prospect of getting outside the Zone was a little harsh. Also new is the flat rate of 50 cents / minute for voice calls applies worldwide.
    LinkWav added support for Fleet One as soon as Inmarsat made this change.
    Eric – LinkWav

  8. Eric says:

    Will the Fleet Broadband prepaid service end of life affect LinkWav subscribers using those services?

  9. emsusa says:

    Hi Eric. LinkWav customers with activated SIM cards prior to the Feb 1 cutoff date continue to have the LinkWav pay as you go service available to them. For new customers after Feb 1, LinkWav offers a month to month plan that is roughly double the cost of the pay as you go… but it is the least expensive option currently available.
    The old SIM cards can be moved to a new boat and owner, so if you know of an old SIM, it could be quite valuable.
    Note: Fleet One, the slower version of a FB150, now offers prepaid global data service to replace the FBB service that was taken away. LinkWav is working on supporting this new prepaid into our system. The hurdle for most has been you need the Fleet One hardware, so if you already own a FBB, there is additional cost to move to Fleet One. Fleet One Global data is $12/MB (pre-Feb FBB service was $10/MB).

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