Garmin radar features, a hit and a miss?

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. BWPirate says:

    You can also overlay nav aids on the standard radar display of the 720/740 series. In regards to the color conflict with warn depths and radar display colors …. the radar displays color is selectable.

  2. Thanks, Tom, but are you sure that changing the radar colors on the regular display changes the overlay color? I thought I’d tried that once without success, but could very well be wrong.

  3. No new Panbo today, friends, as I’m on a bus to Newport. lots happening, though, and I’ll see some of it at the show.

  4. I think there would be a lot more interest in “Vision” if it were not so expensive. My current trip to the Maritimes would require 5 – yes FIVE $321 “Vision” cartridges plus a “Blind” err non-Vision card at $161 since there is no “Vision” coverage for eastern Newfoundland. So, for a two month trip I am going to drop $1766 for “Vision” rather than $161 for the actual marine charts I need. I think not.

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