Garmin radar features, a hit and a miss?


Here’s a nifty feature I’d never seen before.  I had already realized that if you click on a nav aid when making a route on a Garmin MFD, the waypoint gets named after the aid.  I find that useful, even if I first came across the feature years ago and think other current MFDs and charting programs include it (anyone remember which ones?).  But I was darn surprised yesterday morning to see that the Garmin 7212 can overlay the nav aid’s complete icon and label on its standard radar screen, if desired.  I like that a lot…

The radar used in these screen shots, incidentally, is the GMR 604 xHD I installed last May.  It’s quite a power house — though I think Garmin has a ways to go optimizing it (like adding target expansion and maybe true motion) — and I intend to write more about it soon.  But today’s feature notes apply to all Garmin MFDs and radars, I think.
   And here’s the miss:  It seems that both the radar and the hazard (depth) colors you can overlay on the Mariner 3D screen are both painted in red, and hence they tend to mush together a bit, as you can see below.  Which is a shame, as I like both overlays and the goal of this form of charting, I think, is to paint everything important in distinct bold colors so you don’t have to do as much interpretation.  In fact…

…when I put 3D Mariner in “Classic” mode (and if I’d turned off the range rings), I’d be looking at a chart with no distracting numbers at all on it. This screen shot also shows how well the hazardous depths feature, here set at 16 feet, works. Of course, you need a g2 Vision card to get 3D Mariner, but the Perspective 3D view seen at right in the top screen is available to all Garmin users, radar overlay included. Then again, I know that many of you don’t care much about 3D charting anyway… though I hope to wear you down 😉

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  1. BWPirate says:

    You can also overlay nav aids on the standard radar display of the 720/740 series. In regards to the color conflict with warn depths and radar display colors …. the radar displays color is selectable.

  2. Thanks, Tom, but are you sure that changing the radar colors on the regular display changes the overlay color? I thought I’d tried that once without success, but could very well be wrong.

  3. No new Panbo today, friends, as I’m on a bus to Newport. lots happening, though, and I’ll see some of it at the show.

  4. I think there would be a lot more interest in “Vision” if it were not so expensive. My current trip to the Maritimes would require 5 – yes FIVE $321 “Vision” cartridges plus a “Blind” err non-Vision card at $161 since there is no “Vision” coverage for eastern Newfoundland. So, for a two month trip I am going to drop $1766 for “Vision” rather than $161 for the actual marine charts I need. I think not.

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