Fusion BB300 black box stereo & a peek into 2015

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Karl says:

    From the Humminbird screen shot, it’s obvious that Fusion has a dedicated input for VHF audio. Does it (or any other marine stereo) support VHF-override, where music will automatically be muted when VHF audio is detected?
    I consider that to be both a convenience as well as a safety feature, being able to hear a “mayday” call even if Jimmy Buffett is really cranking on six speakers.
    I got used to such a system on a motorcycle audio player that had radar-detector override of music. It wasn’t integrated into the player, but used a separate switching box that both inputs went into. It was a low-power system, since it used efficient helmet speakers, but I loved the concept.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Karl, if you look at the specs you’ll see that all the current Fusion stereos, even the least expensive RA205, have a VHF band built in, no external input needed. You can specify preset channels and scan them but VHF won’t override other audio sources. (I recall that they talked about that feature once, but maybe they couldn’t make it work well, or something.)

  3. Arch F says:

    Unfortunately my Garmin 5212 doesn’t support all of these fun features. Perhaps someday.

  4. Hanstad says:

    Any hope of integration of sms and phone calls on these systems (via bluetooth or the docking station)? It would certainly be handy to be able to handle (or at least see notifications) these things from the cockpit without getting the phone wet.

  5. Tom says:

    Any sign of DAB+ support? It’s becoming a necessity in Europe, and Fusion will miss a lot of customers without it.

  6. steve gordon says:

    What would be great is if they could figure out a way to have Bluetooth and the line out to work at the same time. This would eliminate having to hard wire cockpit speakers in order to hear music in the cabin at the same time.

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