Furuno MIBS 2018: from TZT2BB megaMFD to GP-1x71F plotter fishfinders

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Ian Threlfall says:

    Great to see Furuno is another company that understands that features such as autopilot are there to help the skipper and that adding unnecessary ‘confirming’ button pushes is not helpful. I have long disagreed with Raymarine’s unique view that autopilots have to be hobbled with confirmation button presses when it is simply following a pre-configured route. I am currently assessing which pilot to fit alongside my Raymarine plotters and radar. I think Furuno may have now come into play … along with Simrad.

  2. Nigel Spork says:

    This has annoyed me as well. Not a lot of benefit pre-loading a route if then have to get up and confirm the next waypoint anyway, particularly if they are close …
    I do get the scenario where you are approaching an on-coming vessel, passing port to port, and an automatic change of course to port would result in a collision.
    But a 10 second warning of the course change with a countdown, which you can otherwise stop, works just fine.

  3. Furuno USA announced the 7- and 9-inch multitouch “MFD-like Combo units” today, and there’s a video:


    Also here’s the product pages with retail pricing:



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