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VHF NMEA 2000 Advantages?

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Trying to plan out electronics for a new 22' center console that should be delivered in October 2017.

We seem to be settled on a pair of Raymarine Axiom 7" MFDs which support NMEA 2000.

I'd like to add a VHF radio with AIS receive support. Being in the tech/programming field, it seems intuitive that we ought to stick with a radio that supports NMEA 2000 networking.

What advantages does having the radio NMEA 2000 connected really buy us over say a NMEA0183 connection to an older Standard-Horizon GX2200 radio? I'd assume being networked means either plotter could fail and we'd still get AIS data on the remaining plotter?

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  • Hi Barry, I don't think that NMEA 0183 is really a choice for you because the Axioms do not support it and therefore you'd also need a bridge to use 0183. Besides, not only will a N2K VHF/AISrx radio send AIS targets to both or either of your Axioms, it can also receive GPS info from either MFD. And most VHF/AISrx radios need external GPS input in order to be fully functioning DSC radios with automated distress calling.

    I've never tried a Ray70 but it looks it would work well for you. But there are lots of choices and a reasonably priced one that I have tried and liked is the Simrad RS35.

  • Thanks for the suggestions - that Simrad RS35 looks like the answer - AIS+NMEA2000 for about 1/2 the cost of some other radios we've looked at so far.

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