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Nmea 2000 sensor calibration

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I am just going to buy some new instruments for my boat. Cruising and club racing.
I have already bought a shipmodul multiplexor with the idea that the nmea 2000 wind, dst, gps, ais amd heading sensor all get broadcast to wifi to whatever device i feel like using.
However I now realise that if I get a system that calibrates the sensors in the cockpit nmea 2000 display I get then I could have for example two different speeds showing on say the display and my ipad!
So a dst800 solves this for the dst i think as the calibrating can be stored by the sensor. But what about wind? Any ideas? I need one or two cockpit displays but i don't particularly care which ones.

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  • Yes thanks for the comments.

    The thing that is now hurting my head is trying to figure out where the calibration data is stored.

    I think for dst it is stored in the dst800.

    But for raymarine i70s it is not clear. If a calibration is stored in the itc5 is this stored when the power is reset? Ie does a i70s have to be on on every reboot? Raymarine uk couldn't tell me!

    And similarly does a b&g 508 store calibration data? On the sensor itself?

    Garmin told me the gwind does.

    Maybe this doesn't matter but i am now slightly obsessed with how this actually works!

  • Reply from b&g. The opposite of what i would have thought.....

    Hi Robert, 

    Assuming you are planning to use a 608 mast head unit the depth and wind calibration is stored in the sensors so this data would appear correct. 

    Boat speed calibration is slightly different in that the calibration value is transmitted system wide and the calculation to correct is locally carried out in each display. This means boat speed calibrated via Triton 2 o Zeus 2/3 will display correctly on all B&G displays but likely not come through correct on your N2k to WiFi device. 

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