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Dave Geer

Sounder Data from Furuno DFF1 to Simrad NSE?

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My apologies if this topic has been covered. Although I am doubtful about the cross compatibility I have to ask the question. I am running TimeZero Pro in the PH with the DFF1 providing depth/temp info with no issues. On the flybridge I have a Simrad NSE8 currently with no good source of depth information (my old Data International Offshore sounder is slowing giving up the ghost).

I am trying to find away of utilizing the depth information from the DFF1 for the NSE. Is there anyway to do this without installing a parallel sounder/transducer for just the flybridge?

Thanks for your time!

Dave Geer

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  • Or in other words - Is the only way to strip Navnet depth data for use on a NMEA 2000 network to purchase a Furuno MFD? Really?

    Given the total lack of response to my post, I hope the question is not a sad demonstration of my ignorance. I really just need accurate depth data on the flybridge by the utilization of my investment (hopefully not ill informed) in the DFF-1.



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