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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

OCKAM, B&G, and 0183-2000

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I am looking at this J/109 (racing sailboat) and trying to figure out a good path for taking this Ockam/SIMRAD/B&G Zeus hybrid into the NMEA2000 world. I am wondering what my options are.

On this boat is a higher performance (if dated) ockam brain with sensors for speed thru water, depth, wind, and solid state maretron compass. It has 4 Ockam circa 2007 model 007 matryx display displays that are barely visible in sunlight connected with coax back to the Ockam brain. This connects to a B&G Zeus T12 chartplotter at the navstation. Connected are also a Class B AIS and a GPS sensor. (Let's leave out the autopilot with it's own solid state compass, not sure if that is wired to the above or independent)

I would like to replace 2 of the Ockam displays with NMEA-2000 based products and have a chartplotter above deck, perhaps Zeus3.

I am thinking of a Zeus3 at the helm because of all it's sailing friendly features. Because it would be mounted in a somewhat precarious position (next to a floor mounted traveler), I assume (because I have enjoyed this on Raymarine products) that I could use the Zeus3 to bi-bidirectionally convert 0183 to 2000 throughout the boat. E.g. if I later upgraded sensors to be NMEA-2000, their values would be transmitted back over 0183. But perhaps it would make sense to have an nmea-2000 to 0183 conversion elsewhere, and as sensors later become nmea-2000 my Ockam brain still works.

Its important to me that when I get the Airmar sensor that reports leeway, I can integrate that in even if I have to use my phone to get the specific leeway value. It's of some importance to me that the final solution can show target speed on the displays (or I can post a plastic card on the boom to read that off).

What's available to to that? An 0183 to 2000 bridge of some kind? iKommunicate?


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