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Drawing schematics

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What programs would anyone suggest to use for schematic drawings to provide to customers?

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  • I don't think I have the answer, so I am at the edge of my seat waiting to hear a good reply.

    You reference N2KBuilder in the subject line, I really like that tool for designing N2K networks, they look great, and publish well link:

    I have designed electrical diagrams in Visio, but the license cost is astronomical for the tool and I passed when I purchased my most recent computer.

    I would next try google drawing app in the google drive suite of document editors. Click New / More / Google Drawing.

    I would do this because
    * Google drive is really useful for sharing information with multiple people. You could create a sub-directory for a specific boat, create word type docs, spreadsheets, and drawings in one place and then delivering the documents is as simple as sharing the folder with customers.
    * Customers need not purchase any software to take read and then modify the documents & drawings themselves.
    * For customers not familiar with google, you can easily pdf the documents and email them like many people are familiar with.
    * It's very easy for you, the document creator, to work on documents from home, work, a laptop computer, or all three as the documents are stored in the cloud
    * You can access the documents from a smartphone
    * Years from now when you get another computer, you don't need to reinstall software or copy files. The documents just continue to be there.

  • I am hoping someone posts something on this topic here.

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