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John C

Garmin GST43 to B&G Triton 2

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I recently purchased a B&G Triton 2 system to update an old Nexus Classic Server. I also bought a Garmin GST 43 Log/Temp sensor and GST 10 N2K adapter to talk to the Triton2.(the GST43 is the same size as the old Nexus Log). The Triton sees the temp data but not the speed data from the log. There doesnt appear to be any config menu for the GST43 log. Any suggestions?

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  • Did you ever resolve this problem ?
    I am in the same boat (metaphorically), replacing an old Silva transducer with the GST 43 because it fitted the same thru-hull fitting. The B&G Triton recognizes the transducer, however only shows temperature and no speed. The Garmin documentation states that the GST43 needs to be initialized to correlate SOG with Speed Through Water, but there is no option in the B&G Triton to do this. Monitoring the NMEA 2000 traffic from the GST43, it appears as though the speed data (PGN 128259) is unavailable (data is 0xFF).

  • From Garmin: "The GST43 will need to have a Garmin product installed on the NMEA bus to run the calibration process and start sending speed data. This could be a GMI20,GNX or Chartplotter. Once the cal process has been ran the display is not needed and could be removed from the bus. This is not unlike other manufactures sensors calibration processes where specific types of calibration are needed across the NMEA 2000 network and NMEA 2000 doesn’t support the calibration process. This is done using proprietary PGNs for the calibration which is what Garmin has done."

  • Firstly it is just a paddlewheel sensor, it SHOULD need NO calibration to correlate Speed Through Water to Speed Over Ground (SOG) as they are not directly related.

    Given the density of saltwater, area & number of paddlewheel blades the vendor knows how many pulses per second correspond to knots of boat speed. My old Silva speed transducer which the GST43 replaced, did not need end user calibration to work,

    Secondly what's the point of NMEA 2000 if vendors insist on using proprietary PGN's that prevent true integration of equipment from different vendors.

    Finally, just because the GST 43 has not been calibrated to correlate SOG with Speed Through Water doesn't mean that it should send 0xFF (Data Not Available) as the value for boat speed in the PGN 128259 message. Absurd logic by Garmin engineers.

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