"Dan's Enhanced Raymarine Configuration"

Dan Corcoran, "Breeze Pleeze" 39.3 foot Beneteau sailboat, Huntington, NY  [3/24 version]


Note that I really appreciate Dave Albert & Jeff Willis at Willis Marine Center for their efforts to support my indulgence in the electronics (after I wouldn't be talked out of this level of complexity) and for exceeding my expectations aesthetically with the installation.


Nav Station:  Seen here are a Raymarine E-80 Chartplotter, Xantrex Link 20 battery monitor, and ICOM M-422 DSC capable radio with GPS connection. The sensor package that drives this (described below), is repeated via a Raymarine 8-port high speed Ethernet hub to an E-80 at the Helm and an a Dell laptop PC, powered by a 12v to 19v dc-dc converter, that has proven a capable choice for pre planning trips at home (using Garmin MapSource software & BlueChart Maps) as well as pre-programming a pair of backup Garmin handheld GPS (a 60c and a 76cs) prior to each trip, and to tweak plans on the way. For the most part, the PC is little used as the Raymarine gear is my primary on the water assistant navigator. Off camera is an Apple iPod wired into the aux port on the back of the Stereo.


Sensor package: A standard Raymarine Depth Sensor, Wind Machine, Ray125GPS, and Raymarine 2kw Radar (If I could do over again, would be a 4kw … or better yet a SharpEye radar) are enhanced with an Airmar CS4500 Ultrasonic speed sensor, Raymarine Sirius Weather, and a Raymarine Smart Heading Sensor. The sensor package and Navonics Golds memory card put a lot of great information on the two chartplotters including a decent estimation of set/drift and ground wind, Sirius Weather, Radar, as well as enhancing the Autopilot performance including solid performance in following seas.


To this, for a trip to Bermuda, I would consider adding a Raymarine Life Tag system, a dual-channel AIS receiver, EPIRB, and Iridium telephone with the interface setup to bring current weather information into my PC.  Also a Maretron Weather Station is on my wish list, and maybe their solid state compass if they could answer my compatibility questions.



Helm: The helm is highly customized, by Dave Albert at our yard, Willis Marine, in Huntington, NY, to meet many criteria I set for a highly functional and safe helm. Seen in this picture are Raymarine E-80 Chartplotter & ST-6001 Autopilot positioned to be accessible either from the helm (note position avoids reaching thru the wheel), or by standing between the chartplotter and the wheel so the skipper can assist the helmsperson or check the chartplotter display without climbing around the wheel and displacing the helmsperson. Under the plastic cover in front of the wheel are Raymarine Tri-Data and Wind displays, and a handy clipboard for a folded paper map or notes about the planned route or harbor entrance. An ICOM Remote VHF Commander Mic, backup Garmin 60c GPS, and emergency throw rope are on the right corner of the helm. A handheld Uniden Voyager VHF is on the right side of the helm. My wonderful daughter Casey is in the cockpit with our dog Pepper.




Companion way repeaters: Recently added, a Raymarine Graphic Display and Wind repeater provide crew and skipper in the cockpit with sail trim and boat performance (e.g. helmsperson performance) information.


As skipper, navigator, and entertainer, it’s very helpful to be able to station crew at the helm, and keep and eye on them from these displays. At least once I have avoided a grounding by seeing the depth count down unexpectedly on this display.


And … with a Raymarine S100 remote control in hand, the basic information here is useful for guiding our boat lazily from anywhere in the cockpit without any crew at the helm.



Summary of Equipment



            Dual E-80 Chartplotters

            8-port High Speed Hub

            Sirius Weather

            Ray125 GPS

            2kw 18” Radar (but would recommended 4kw 24” instead, or future SharpEye)

            ST-60+ Wind Machine

            ST-60+ Wind Repeater

            ST-60+ Tri Data

            ST-60+ Graphic Display

            ST-6001 Autopilot

S1G Corepack,

Linear Drive

Smart Heading Sensor

S100 Wireless Remote

RNS 6.0 (PC software)


            Navonics Gold Maps (for E-80 Chartplotters)

ICOM MC-422 VHF wired for DSC transmission of GPS position data         

            Xantrex Link-20 Battery Monitor        

            Dell Laptop w/12v to 19v dc-dc converter

Garmin MapSource Software & BlueChart Maps

Garmin 60c and 76cs handheld GPS

Apple iPod

Airmar CS4500 Ultrasonic Speed Sensor (pending install)



Future upgrades if trip to Bermuda:

            RayMarine LifeTag


            Dual channel AIS receiver {Note that in the diagram Dan has the AIS interfacing via SeaTalk, which is not available; he will have to use a specialized multiplexer or Raymarine's own one-channel-at-a-time AIS receiver with built-in multiplexer--editor}

            Iridium phone + interface to download weather files to PC