This is where Panbo will have longer pieces, like some of my magazine electronics articles that never made it to the Web, and who knows what else. For starters, here's what readers contributed when asked about their own actual and/or ideal systems:

Marine Electronics Systems:

When faced with an assignment to “design ideal navigation and communications gear set-ups” for three different size saltwater boats, power and sail, I turned to the readers of Panbo. Here are the vague categories and links to the results: 

Good: A 30’+/- cruising sail or powerboat doing short hops along coast with the occasional overnight trips; budget/value is important. Submissions so far.

Better: Typically a 40’+/- cruising powerboat capable of trips, say, up into Canada or out to the Bahamas, including occasional overnight runs; the budget is good but not over the top. Sailboats in this category would certainly include racer/cruisers used for extended coastal cruising combined with ocean racing events like the Marblehead-Halifax and Bermuda races. Submissions so far plus Dan’s sailboat.

Best: 50’ and better bluewater cruisers, sailboat ready for a circumnavigation including high latitude sailing, powerboat capable of ocean crossings and remote explorations; very healthy budget. Submissions so far, plus Panbo entries on Bluewater and Spirit of Zopilote.

My own powerboat "Perfect Picks" are online here, but neither PMY nor Sail choose to use the collage of Panbo reader diagrams I thought would make a good opener. Too geeky? You decide, below, or bigger here.

Panbo readers system diagram collage