Easy on-board DVD and CD access and storage

Would you like to have on-board access to your complete DVD and CD collection without losing any valuable space for CD-racks, etc? Molino Media Mogul is a good example of a device that could help you do that.
“Ever wish you could store full, uncompressed copies of all your Music CDs, Movie DVDs, Home Videos, and Digital Photo in one place? Now you can. Molino Networks, a California based company, has just launched their iteration of a true digital media server named the Molino Media Mogul. An A/V receiver sized device that can store and playback up to 50 DVDs, 500 CDs, 10,000s of digital photos or hundreds of hours of home movies, which are available for instantaneous playback through a connected TV, A/V receiver, or home-theater system via an easy-to-use graphical menu system.”

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