Dockmate introduces new wireless docking controls

Dock Your Boat Single-Handed From Anywhere On Board With The New Dockmate® Wireless Controls

Fort Lauderdale, Florida  – The new, state-of-the art Dockmate® wireless remote control system will allow a boater to easily operate single or twin engines, thrusters, anchor winch and horn from anywhere on board with a small handheld device.

The Dockmate® is a wireless extension of a boat’s controls and it has the exact same feeling and response time of the accessories mentioned above.

With the Dockmate® system, a boater is able to leave the helm and get a much closer look at his surroundings in marinas and other tight quarters, while still in complete control of the boat’s movement, resulting in stress-free docking.

Dockmate® offers 4 wireless remote control systems: the Single, Twin, the Twist 3-axis joystick with proportional control and Twist IPS for Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus pods.

A 5 function Dockmate® system which controls two engines, a thruster, anchor winch and horn is available for a retail price of only $6,800.

Each Dockmate® system includes plug and play cables for most brands. Other features include:

• 2 way communication, ensuring faultless operation.
• 88 bit encoding for reliable data transmission.
• 12 double relays, 2 single for improved safety.
• Visual and audible confirmation on the transmitter of the receiver status.
• Range of 150 feet (50 meters).
• Waterproof transmitter with rubber finish.
• Automatic take command via the transmitter to make it the active station.
• Panic function/emergency switch-off on the transmitter.
• Automatic shutdown of the transmitter after 30 minutes of non-use.
• Complete flat surface of the transmitter, no switches that can be moved accidentally.
• Modular construction of the receiver; each receiver can be fully customized in a couple of minutes, additional control modules can be ordered and installed anytime.
• Easy to hide receiver (8.75 x 8.75 x 2.5″).
• Power supply to the receiver (12 of 24V) from 2 different sources for increased safety.
• Waterproof connectors on the receiver.
• Also available for single engine boats.
• 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

For more information about Dockmate® wireless control systems, visit the Dockmate web site or call 954-998-1430.

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