Do I wear Glasses For My 3D Compass?

Not so long ago I was joking about the possibility of having a 3D compass which would not require any special glasses. Well, there’s one, the Teeter-Todter (pdf) 3D Compass.
“Housed in a tough, light weight enclosure about the size of a domino, the TT compass sensor provides responsive, rock solid heading, and for suitably equipped interfaces, pitch (trim) and roll (heel). Ockam 033Teeter-Todter 3-D Compass. Inside the TT magnetometers and accelerometers rapidly produce super accurate, stable data. PC based software connected with Ockam�s quick-connect wiring harness provides control of output parameters and compass calibration (once set and calibrated, the PC is easily removed from the setup). Numerous instrument system functions are greatly enhanced by this superb compass.”

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