Digital Yacht launch NAVDoctor for NMEA 2000 network diagnostics & testing

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  1. Wow could I use one of these. Lately I have developed some mysterious faults on my NMEA 2000 network that result in the autopilot losing connection to its controller and my engine gauges crashing and freezing up. Between device software, settings, and physical hardware of the devices and cabling, there are so many potential sources of the problem that finding the cause of an intermittent fault is really a challenge.

    Maybe some enterprising person could set up a rental program so “DIY” people like me could rent one for a few days since it is rather a lot to spend for someone who is not an electronics dealer or installer.

  2. Ben Stein Ben Stein says:


    You’re definitely not alone with your troubles. Ben Ellison and I have both experienced somewhat frequent issues with instability on the N2K network. I have long believed, with some incomplete evidence, that the issue is made much worse by large, heterogeneous NMEA 2000 networks.

    Anecdotally I’ve noticed much less instability on networks when only a single manufacturer’s devices are represented on the network. I’ve reached out to the Digital Yacht crew to see if we can arrange a review sample so we can report on what we’re able to find on our own networks.

    -Ben S.

    • Another issue that I have always worried would cause problems on the N2K network is having multiple devices sending out the same PGNs. Although they get differentiated, it just seems inevitable that there would be issues. For example, I have three chartplotters with built-in GPS receivers, a satellite compass, and an AIS transponder on my N2K network all transmitting position and related PGNs. There are lots of cables of course including runs up the tower leg. It will be great if this new product provides very clear diagnostics on both hardware issues and device conflicts. I hope you can get one to try out.

  3. I touched base with DY in UK and it looks like these won’t land here in the States until sometime in October. I carry a Maretron N2K Meter at the moment and although it is quite helpful it is not the easiest tool to get clear, actionable information from. And it was damn expensive. It can’t generate reports like the DY Doctor supposedly can. Really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these.

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