Competition ahead in maritime communications

The 1 billion maritime communications market will soon have a very strong new entrant. Boeing will introduce it’s Connexion service, used for a.o. in flight internet access, to the maritime market. Will be very interesting to see how Inmarsat will respond to this new challenge, altough not many details are availabe. That makes it difficult to see wether it actually compares to something like Inmarsat’s Fleet services, but if it is anything like the service being offered for in flight internet access, in combination with small footprint hardware, well then…
“Connexion by Boeing has successfully tested real-time data communication and a live, high-quality video teleconferencing from a private vessel in Seattle’s Lake Union to its Seattle campus. The Connexion by Boeing maritime solution is expected to be approximately ten times faster than most commonly deployed communications systems available today, and significantly less expensive to use. Details on system and service pricing will be announced closer to service launch.”

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