Classic Seminole, buff electronics


That’s Elizabeth Meyer driving her ‘new’ 1916 Lawley yawl to a finish line off Camden yesterday afternoon.Seminole antennas I saw this boat at Brooklin Boat Yard 4 years ago, when it looked like it might disintegrate if someone sneezed too hard. The complete (every stick of wood) restoration, just finished, included adding some modern electronics, as subtly as possible. Notice how the antennas—radar, VHF, GPS, and Iridium (I think)—have all been painted to blend with the mizzen mast. Actually, painting out  logos is an affectation I see on lots of high end and/or classic yachts. Quite understandably I think. I wear logo shirts all the time, either for work or because they were free, but if I ever own a really good looking boat, I’ll be damned if it’s going to be an electronics billboard. Maybe some manufacturers will consider making the logos optional? By the way, Eli of Eli Boat, was racing too; I missed him at the finish but hope to learn more about the snazzy electronics he was using.

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