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Panbo’s new website, woooohoooo!

Zap! Woosh! Bang! Yes, I am super excited that Panbo has an entirely new website with more and better ways to cover the ever-changing world of marine electronics. I’m also hoping that readers will get better access to the news and reviews on whichever screen they’re using, plus…


FLIBS 2012, Twitter blogging revisited

Hurricane Sandy may make this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) especially exciting! And whereas I’ve got better hardware for tweeting photos and words, I’m going to try that reporting method again. It...


State of Panbo: new classifieds, logos & more


Eventually Panbo’s new Classifieds section will look more like the other sections, but it’s already been tested a fair bit and we’re declaring today the official opening of the public beta (Google style). Please check it out!  It may be a little rough around the edges — don’t hesitate with constructive criticism — but I’m hopeful that it will grow into something useful to everyone involved with marine electronics. Individuals and businesses can easily place ads there and right now they’re all FREE…


SevenSeasU, and my webinar debut


I’m really not looking for more work in my life, but I failed to resist an invitation from Seven Seas U to at least dip a toe into their online education program. I’m impressed with what SSU has created, as well as a few individual presentations I reviewed, and I’m also intrigued with “webinar” technology (even if the name grates). While it’s true that a few I’ve attended have been marred by connection, sound, and/or screen problems, it does seem like an efficient way to teach a subject and have some back-and-forth with the class, and SSU seems to have the tech part down.  So tomorrow night at 8pm EDT I debut a webinar on modern marine radars, and you’re invited…


Panbo moving & changing; cross your fingers, please

State of Panbo.jpg

Starting tonight, Panbo is getting moved from one hosting service’s server farm to another’s, which means that commenting will be shut down for an indefinite period so that the databases stay in sync until the transfer is complete, and also that I’m wicked nervous about losing bits and pieces of content (as has happened during past moves).  Cross your fingers, and be patient, please.  And if things go well, you’re going to see some good changes around here…


MTA Survey #1, brand awareness & perception


Please don’t jump to conclusions about this first real slice of the finished Panbo/MTA survey until you better understand what it represents. The questions quoted at the top of the table above were “open ended”.  The 950 people who spent time taking the survey (thank you all!) got no check box guidance toward their answers.  In fact, no brand names were specifically mentioned anywhere in the survey.  So the 1,558 positive responses, along with the 773 negative ones — no, almost none of you ornery cusses did as asked, naming three of each — are purely the brand names that came into nearly 1,000 minds when asked in privacy which marine technology products had either pleased or displeased them. The individual response totals then are a mix of at least three factors:  market share (how many of the survey takers own, or have owned, some of a brand’s products); brand awareness (most may remember whose MFD they use, but not necessarily whose inverter); and brand perception (the emotion that brings a brand name to mind).  And there are more complexities beyond…