BriarTek Cerberus, the DeLorme inReach alternative?

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. A couple of notes:
    * My little video is not meant to knock the CerberLink in any way. It wasn’t getting an Iridium signal because it was inside. What’s neat is a glance at the LEDs tells me that it has a GPS fix and that’s it’s trying to send a message in its outbox but doesn’t have an Iridium signal.
    * While I did knock the CerberTouch app a bit for not having the mapping DeLorme’s Earthmate does, it’s worth noting that BriarTek is offering a CerberLink API so who knows what apps might materialize eventually:

  2. Jim Fitzpatrick says:

    Intereting, but need more info.

  3. I find the Cerberus hellfire marketing theme a distraction. It makes it appear like a cheap toy. It doesn’t match what seems a seriously useful device.

  4. Well, the marketing language is certainly a little different, but I like it. It doesn’t read as “cheap” to me, just good humored. You should see what they use for packing material when they ship a CerberLink!
    Jim, did you check out the Cerberus site? Lot of info if you dig around:

  5. Joe Landa says:

    Marius, Cerberus is a serious piece of communications gear but we also want to help focus on the fact that many of us go off grid to have fun. Bringing Cerberus along may save your life but if all goes well you can use it to share your adventures and keep in touch. BriarTek has been making serious safety electronics for nearly 15 years but as the company name implies, we try to have fun while we do it. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Bob says:

    I only looked at the Cerberus pricing and assume that inReach is similar. What advantage is there to this over my IsatPhonePro at essentially the same cost for text messages. And if I have to, I can still call someone.
    Maybe the weather alerts? But does this work outside of US waters and the NWS?

  7. Bob, the inReach is $250 retail and annual service starts at $10 a month. A $25/month plan includes 40 text messages (with overage at 50 cents apiece) and unlimited tracking. Cerberus treats breadcrumbs like messages but can pack three into one message if you don’t need them sent right away.
    I think the iSatPhone Pro is a really interesting sat phone, but it doesn’t have an SOS button or smart phone apps for easier text messaging, though the latter seems possible. Inmarsat keeps adding value to the phone and service, like this feature I came across at Satellite Phone Solutions:

  8. Bob says:

    Thats better pricing plans. But the iSatPhone (outside of the US) has no monthly charge. Its pay as you go. It is a few more dollars to purchase. I use the position reporting by text message on passages to the guy who is my “float follower”.
    I guess I’m trying to fit these kind of devices in the context of safety and security. None suggest they are a good substitute for an EPIRB. And if I’m on the rocks or disabled at sea, I want the instant gratification of talking to someone about the situation. If I can.
    So if I’m a budget minded cruiser, I get the EPIRB first, portable Sat Phone second. What worries me is I’ve seen cruising sailboats down here where a Spot device is all they have other than VHF, and I wonder if this is wise?
    The big budget boats are going to have a full sat terminal system on board. So they already have messaging. Just trying to see where these things fit in the marketplace.

  9. Sandy Daugherty says:

    I’m perfectly cheap*.
    You are not cheap enough.
    He carries parsimony to dangerous extremes.
    *that state of mind that implies any greater or lesser cheapness is the product of insufficient intellect. See also “the perfect boat”, “the perfect sailing plans”, “Best Buy advice”, and sniffy smugness in general.

  10. Lew Crenshaw says:

    The CerberCenter alerts can be set up to work with any RSS feed, so you are not limited to just NWS alerts. If a customer is going somewhere outside the US and they let us know about it, we try to find applicable feeds to add to our database that will help our customers stay informed.

  11. Pretty sad that BriarTek claim to have invented the Satelite Emergency Communicator and are now holding DeLorme and Iridium to patent ransom.

  12. Thanks for letting us know about this, Marius. Doesn’t sound good! I hope to see some DeLorme folks at Trawler Fest today and will ask about it.

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