Blogging on a bus…trying, and liking, cellular Internet


If you ever travel the Boston to New York corridor, you might want to try LimoLiner, a high-end, 28–seat bus that runs several times a day from a Hilton next to the Prudential Center to another Hilton at 53rd and 6th Ave. I’m aboard right now, and this thing is wired! I’m listening to CNN through a pair of noise cancelling earphones and there’s a fairly new DVD movie playing on the other flat screen in my area. I’m also using an onboard WiFi network which in turn is using a Verizon cellular data connection, a setup that looks attractive for boats too, as we’ve discussed before. I don’t know if the particular Verizon radio on this LimoLiner supports high speed EvDO (well covered in a recent PC World), but I doubt it as I haven’t seen really high speed performance even as we passed through downtown Hartford. On the other hand, I’ve had a fairly decent connection—as seen above, and using 1x technology I think—most of the trip (CNN has stuttered some too), pretty impressive at around 60 MPH. Maybe this bodes well for a boat cruising along the coast hereabouts. By the way, I learned that Verizon is the data provider from the voyage attendant, who also served lunch and a snack. Not a real liner but a really nice bus. Have a great weekend.

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