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New N2K doodads, easier cabling

Oct 3, 2007


In addition to the tank/rudder adapters I tried, Maretron sent over  some new cabling parts of interest. Let’s check out the big picture, starting with the four way tee at lower right. It’s quite like the Double T that Lowrance recently introduced—though obviously better made (metal threads!), and probably more expensive—and it’s obviously useful in tight areas where you want to tee off numerous sensors and/or displays. To its left is a possibly more valuable inline terminator.

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Maretron N2K tank level calibration, nice!

Oct 2, 2007

Maretron tank calibration cPanbo

I recently added tank level and rudder angle info to the lab’s NMEA 2000 network. In both cases this involved wiring a Maretron Adapter to a standard analog sensor. N2K skeptics will no doubt gleefully point out that the two sensors—a VDO for the rudder, and a Teleflex for the tank—together cost about half the $195 list price for either the Rudder and Tank Adapter! But consider what I got in terms of a bigger boat system.

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Ray G, hints part 2

Oct 1, 2007

Ray_GPM400_peekThanks to Richard’s sleuthy comments to the earlier G Series entry, here are some low res images of various G Series system components beyond the monitors. They’re snitched from an online price list (PDF) put up by French Raymarine distributer SD Marine. The text is in French, and not detailed, but I gather that the “Processeur” GPM400 above has a hard disk pre-loaded with Navionics Platinum charts for one large region—you choose U.S., Europe, or ROW (rest of world)—and Gold charts for the others. It also has dual DVI monitor outputs (1280x1024 pixel), two NMEA 0183 i/o ports, a SeaTalkNG/N2K port, and a 100mb SeaTalkHS/Ethernet port.

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