KVH MSN wireless broadband, for boats, in Miami

... written for Panbo by Ben Ellison and posted on Feb 9, 2006

KVH MSN tv 2

The Miami Boat Show is next week and the new product teasers are coming in fast and furious. How about a KVH cellular modem combined with MSN TV, which is an Internet appliance and portal meant to be used with a TV screen? Yup, it’s the old WebTV (which served my dear mom well for a while), but now in its second incarnation…faster, more able, etc. This wireless unit promises DSL speeds using EVDO cellular data and 50 to 80 Kbps using the more pervasive 1xRTT. The concept was actually announced at CES in early January, but the marine version will be detailed in Miami. It appears to be a simple product that might please a lot of boaters looking for easy Web and e-mail. And whereas the box also becomes a WiFi hotspot, it may even have geek appeal. More information, hopefully including hardware and subscription costs, after Miami.



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