Learnings On Raymarine's C-series

... written for Panbo by Yme Bosma and posted on Jul 31, 2004

Raymarine's C-series have been out for a while now and there's an interesting discussion over at the Go Boating America's Forums. So if you are in the market for a C120, C80, or C70, make sure you read this.

"I have a C80. Big problem for me is there is no way to manipulate waypoints on my pc and then upload to the C80. I wouldn't have bought the unit if I had known this. I "ASS UMED" that since the unit uses CF cards it would be a poc to swap back and forth. When I queried Raymarine support about the issue they were downright rude, telling me that the swap capability was proprietary information. And then there was the issue of the advertised ability to overlay the chart plotter and the radar. One has to dig deep to find out for that capability you have to purchase an additional piece of kit, the heading sensor, for $650!! I don't think I would do Raymarine if I was starting over." (Raymarine at Amazon.com)