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Aqua Map confirms new ActiveCaptain API integration!

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

Contributing Editor of Panbo.com, passionate marine electronics enthusiast, completed the Great Loop in 2017.

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  1. Tom Hale says:

    Bob did a thorough comparison of tablet navigation apps. But curiously, he did not discuss crowd sourced bathymetry. So far as I know, only Navionics has this feature. I have used 6 navigation apps over the past 5 years. I have Aqua Map which I use for access to AC content. I have a PC running coastal explorer, and a chart plotter with Navionics charts. I have been using Navionics sonar charts for 4 years and this year they have proven to by so reliable that I now have a tablet mounted at the helm and I have sonar charts displayed all the time. If you are in the ICW they are the best charts available. I do not know why Bob did not mention this. I know he does refer to sonar charts at times

    • Thanks, Tom. I’ve really appreciated your navigation tips on the “SAIL Magazine Secrets of the ICW” Facebook page.
      While I note that Bob Sherer wrote “I also use Navionics for their SonarChart feature. It helps navigate some of the shallows of the ICW, but you must be careful in some shallow areas…” at the end of his review, I tend to agree with you that he did not give them (or Dock-to-dock autorouting) the attention they deserve.

      On the other hand — and I really appreciate this — Bob presented his work as somewhat subjective, as in the subhead “Basic Functions I Believe are Important.” I get uncomfortable when I see a publication or author attempting to define what’s important for everyone.

  2. I predict whining from the ‘Droids because Aqua Map is iOS-only 🙂 It does look pretty good, however, and I may get it just for the AC integration – much easier than trying to manage the web interface while underway.
    WRT Navionics “Sonar Charts”, we’ve had decidedly mixed results with them, albeit NOT on the ICW, because we’re too tall for the ICW, and seldom move along it. I’ve decided that Sonar Charts are only useful in areas where mariners regularly traverse the shallows – in places that everyone avoids (usually because of shoals or other “dragons”), they can be very deceiving. The area I usually point to as an example is the entrance to Jackson Creek – Deltaville, VA off the Piankatank River (just S of the Rappahannock River). If you look at the regular Navionics chart or the NOAA chart, you see a narrow channel leading into the creek past the buoys (confirmed by the satellite view currently showing on AC!) – but the “Sonar Chart” of this entrance is highly misleading, showing the channel much wider and deeper than it really is.

  3. A big question for many (me included) is whether Coastal Explorer will continue to support ActiveCaptain Community info, and the news from Jeff Hummel of Rose Point sounds good, though tentative:

    “Garmin has been very responsive in our discussions and is clearly invested in making sure companies like ours continue to support Active Captain… We want to continue support but are waiting for some details from Garmin.”

    Jeff says he’ll let us know when the decision is made and he’s also posting on the CE Forum:


  4. I too am anxious to hear how Coastal Explorer makes out with Garmin and AC. I have a CE PC, an iPad and an old Raymarine C80 at the helm of Daydream. The iPad was mainly running BCM for our 2017 Great Loop, but I have now switched to Aqua Map, and am very happy with it. The iPad also serves as a the PC display for CE using the Duet Display app. Since my AIS receiver is connected to the PC, I will continue with CE as well. AC was really vital on our Loop.

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