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YB3i tracker/messenger, a highly evolved system 5

YB3i tracker/messenger, a highly evolved system


The hardware portion of the YB3i tracker/messenger couldn’t be much simpler or tougher. It’s just a little bigger than the GPS mushrooms also installed on Gizmo’s flybridge and it feels solid, while the ScanStrut Rokk rail mount that it fits is truly rock-like. The black cable only leads to a power source (9-30v DC) and the YB3i can get along without that for quite a while, thanks to an internal backup battery. And finally, the single LED “interface” is really only needed for extreme trouble shooting. But such hardware simplicity is only possible because of the impressive array of satellite services, cloud server wizardry, and mobile apps that comprise the rest of the ecosystem…

Two way testing DeLorme inReachSE, plus new Explorer model & OCENS SpotCast Weather 10

Two way testing DeLorme inReachSE, plus new Explorer model & OCENS SpotCast Weather

DeLorme_inReachSE_message_screen_cPanbo.jpg“Two way” doesn’t just refer to the fact that a DeLorme inReach handheld satellite messenger/tracker will let you text back and forth with people pretty much like a cell phone. I also tested the shore side of the system by loaning the sample inReachSE model to friends Doug and Dale Bruce when they went on an adventure cruise to some remote islands south of New Zealand. So that’s me messaging from Maine when I saw where they were headed (via their MapShare track), and then Doug texting me back a few minutes later. Yes, he had a little trouble with SE’s little cursor keyboard, but heck, he was in rough seas on the other side of the planet!

SPOT Connect, works fine & deserves attention 30

SPOT Connect, works fine & deserves attention


If it’s heartbreaking to see a cheerful-looking Aegean crew underway in fine weather less than 24 hours before they perished — as we discussed earlier this week — isn’t it even worse to know that they sent a fart joke to friends and family by satellite messenger just a few hours before everything went wrong on North Coronado Island?  Getting access (via Sailing Anarchy) to Aegean’s Spot Share Page is also how I surmised that they were using a Spot Connect rather than the familiar stand-alone orange model, which is why they could send short custom messages typed on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. There’s more I learned…

SPOT Connect(s), the mobile apps way 15

SPOT Connect(s), the mobile apps way


Yes indeed, that is an Android app serving as the extended front end of yet another iteration of the good old SPOT satellite messenger.  It’s called SPOT Connect, and it’s a close relative of the Delorme joint product announced at this time last year.  The SPOT hardware is again an independent, waterproof communicator that can send out a distress message by itself, but now its third internal wireless component — after GPS and Globalstar short burst messenging — is Bluetooth.  Which means that a SPOT app on most any sort of mobile device can be used to send canned “Help” or “Check-in” emails/texts, or to turn on tracking, or — and this was the big new feature on the Delorme PN60W — write a custom 41 character message.  Another Connect difference is that the actual shipping date will apparently come much sooner after the announcement…

Spot news: DeLorme Communicator & HUG 3

Spot news: DeLorme Communicator & HUG


As best I can tell, Rich Owings at GPStracklog is the first to write up a field test of the interesting wireless pairing of a specially designed DeLorme handheld mapping GPS with a specially mated Spot Satellite Communicator, and he’s pretty excited about what he found.  Yes, you can type a 41 character message from anywhere with Spot coverage and post it to Facebook or Twitter, or send it to one of several pre-defined e-mail/text groups.  And that includes quite a lot of ocean and coast, as we saw even with the first generation Spot Messenger.  And even though DeLorme’s core clientele are terrestrial types, I notice that the PN60w/Spot system (and its PN-Series siblings) now support Navionics Gold SD chart cards (and HotMaps lakes), as well as NOAA raster downloads…

DeLorme & Spot, who knew? 14

DeLorme & Spot, who knew?


The gadget and GPS blogs are all over this combination of DeLorme handheld GPS and Spot messenger, which will apparently get official when the CES opens tomorrow.  With good reason, too, because a user will be able to key a free-form text message into that new PN-60w and get it delivered from a lot of places where cell phones are useless.  I didn’t think a Spot could handle custom messages from the point of origin, and it sure makes me wonder what we don’t know yet about the fixed marine model…