Monthly Archive: December 2007


Hello 2008, and Gizmo the Large


Big Gizmo? Gizmo the Large? Maybe just plain Gizmo, and add a “Li’l”—you know, in little letters on a diagonal—to the original (especially easy as I haven’t yet repainted the li’l darlin’ since the thief bastards scrapped the decals off). So, yeah, I’m sitting here fussing about boat names when, in fact, I may have completely lost my mind…


More SimNet, plus the handy AT10

I thank Dan for yesterday’s NMEA 2000 homily (more guest blog entries welcome!), but I do want to play devil’s advocate. I’ve had my head in the Simrad Yachting 2008 catalog today (unfortunately not online yet), and I’m...


“Sorry Breeze Pleeze”, a yuletide N2K rant!

Sorry Breeze Pleeze

I like to think that one function of Panbo is to be a place where marine electronics enthusiasts can share their thoughts—rants included—with each other, and with the many industry folks who read the site. That usually happens via comments but guest blog entries are also welcome. Hence we have the following bitter sweet Christmas tale from Dan Corcoran (aka commenter “b393capt”)…