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Monthly Archive: November 2006


Freezer Safe, minding the box

Here’s a useful and inexpensive gadget that was just introduced by the good folks at SetSail.com. Just a little bigger than a pack of gum, it will apparently “record and store high and low...


Tiki Navigator, worth a look see

It’s worth checking out this screen shot in all its colorful pixels. Tiki Navigator is slowly gaining a devoted following, largely for its clean and attractive interface. I made this screen show some interesting options like...


A new Nexus, and new systems

At METS it was announced that Nexus Marine, once a part of Silva, is now an independent operation. This won’t matter much in the U.S. where the gear has been marketed under the Nexus...


KVH M3 earns award, and competitor

At METS, the DAME awards electronics category was deservedly won by KVH’s M3 satellite TV system, a product that impressed me big time when tested last summer. But the little M3 now has a competitor worth noting,...


Optea XLMulti, a boat projector?

Here’s a novel idea seen at METS: a marinized, 9–28v digital projector (front or back) meant to show multifunction nav data in the cockpit or—just swing it around—a big screen movie in the salon. The potential...


State of Panbo, Mea Culpa edition

Due to a spam attack and a resulting warning from Panbo’s server host, I had to cut off all but TypeKey validated commenting today. I have a guy working on this and other site issues, but the spammers worked...