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Monthly Archive: December 2005


Happy holidays, who’s the geek now?

I get some wonderfully strange Holiday cards. Not every marine electronics company tries to make their’s thematic, or even sends one, but still I get excited every time I open an envelope. So far this...


AIS near miss, Malacca Straits, part 2

It’s great that Terry Sargent has joined our discussion about the AIS-documented near miss he had in the Malacca Straits. I really admire his desire to thoroughly debrief his experience, and his willingness to share it...


Mochi Craft, stylish details

How about these idiot lights? Actually this is called a “mimic” panel, and it looks darn useful to me (bigger here). This particular one is from Mochi Craft in Italy, and is especially dense...


Navionics Platinum, interesting details

I recently took some screen shots of DAME award winner Navionics Platinum, which is surprisingly simple to do on the Raymarine E series. You just hold down the ‘data’ button until you hear a beep, and a...


AIS, this and that #1

Whereas so many of you are interested in AIS, and so many news bits keep coming in, I’m starting a “this and that” series… * Nobeltec has put up the best looking AIS 100 manual to date....


M-Tec marine cellular, a new player

The full name is Marine Technologies and they’re coming to market with a large portfolio of marine cellular gear. At the top of the line (nearly $1,000) are wireless amps like the above, which claim to provide a...