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Old Engines New Tech

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I am trying to connect my old Detroit 6v92's to my N2K network. I thought this would be a "No Brainer", but it had turned out to be a bit of a night-mare. Calibrating these monsters (engine monitors, not the engines themselves) is no small task.

I have tried the Alba-Combi and I am currently trying the RS11. I could not get the Alba-combi to use the Faria senders correctly, and they basically have no tech-support, many days to weeks for an email response at best. So I gave up on that unit and moved on.

I am currently testing the RS11 with pretty good luck. I have the oil pressure and engine temperature working well. I just can't get the Tach to read correctly. I have had numerous talks with the designer Kevin, supper nice and helpful. But even with new Aetna senders I am still 60rpm behind what it should be. And on an engine with a WOT RPM of 2300, 60 rpm is a big deal.

I am curious if the Act-Sense EMU would be any better then the RS11?

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