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Garmin to Nexus

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I have a Garmin GND 10 that connects between my NMEA 2000 and my Nexus system From Nexus i get wind data Into my Garmin system but speed thru water, depth and temperature that comes from Garmin is only presented on my nexus instruments for about 90 seconds than they dissapear course bearings etc that also comes from Garmin works OK on the Nexus instuments. Anybody that seen the same problems

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  • From Garmin: "This poster just needs to spend some time with the Race software on a PC setting up the GND10. It’s a pretty simple process and Garmin Support can walk him through it. The challenge as a manufacture when you build these kinds of adapter is it’s pretty hard to “guess” all the different scenarios for out of the box configurations. We have guessed right 80% of the time but have allowed for change using the Race software if need be."

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