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What is the best flashlight?

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I am thinking to buy a flashlight. It is fenix pd35 tactical flashlight. Fenix has a lot of reputation no doubt that but this model price is so high. So, what would be your suggestion if i want to buy a quality flashlight less than $50?

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  • How are you going to use it? In generally very difficult to predict by reading the specs on a flashlight how well the beam produced by the light bulb will perform in the circumstances you need, for example some lights let you see far deeper into fog then others. Some don't have near the stated range when looking for navigation buoys on even a clear night.

    But there are a lot of other physical characteristics and brightness to consider. At 960 lumens, that light is really packing a lot of power in a weight far under that of a smartphone. Anti roll, belt buckle compatible, waterproof, adjustable intensity all good. But with non standard batteries and no adjustable focus, I wonder if it's range of usefulness may be limited.

    If you go forward with your purchase, be sure to post back your experiences. I would love to here if this cuts through fog well at one of the settings or not, or on a clear night how does it perform finding buoys at one of it's lower brightness levels.

    I should take the time to write an update on flashlights for use other than on deck, like close in work while doing maintenance on your boat. I have and still do recommend this $18 flashlight for boats above deck and around the house, just purchased two more recently myself.

  • Like Dan said, it really depends on how you want to use the light. The PD35 looks like a great general purpose light. The 18650 batteries are a very standard size for lithium rechargeable. However, you then your need a couple of them plus a charger, which goes way above your price point.

    For general purpose, what are called everyday carry, lights, I've just discovered a category of tiny little lights that produce a massive amount of light. I just purchased a Klarus Mi7. It takes either regular AA (alkaline or NiMH) or a 14500 lithium rechargeable. With the 14500, it puts out up to 700 lumens (330 with the AA). It has a 90 lumen and 5 lumen setting. I love this light, it's so small and light, but really helps when working in dark corners of the boat. It sells for around $40. Only negative that I've found is that the switch can accidentally be engaged in a pocket. You can lock it out by turning the head a 1/4 turn or electronically, but if you forget, it can be a pain.

    The Fenix LD09 looks nice too. It's $36 and takes 2 AA. Or the Fenix E20.

    I wouldn't be too focused on the lumens stated by a manufacture, since most are not actual out of the front of the light measurements, but are what can be generated by the LED in optimal conditions for a short period of time (heat can reduce the lumens very quickly).

    There is a great forum called Candlepower, that has tons of info and several online vendors such as Brighguy and Goinggear.

    Hope this helps.

  • For hand work in low light conditions I like the headband lights sold for cheap in places like Home Depot or Lowes.

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