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Panbo News+ design discussion please

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So I've realized that almost every day interesting marine electronics news comes across my screens and I'm not sharing them at all well. Sure, sometimes I Tweet an interesting item, or put it on Facebook, or cook up a single Panbo entry stew of multiple news bits... but there has to be a better way.

What I'm thinking of is a separate Panbo page called News+ that would only be short entries, typically an image or two and a few pithy words (hopefully). It would mostly be news, but I'd enjoy some latitude for "+" fun.

Building a new blog page and integrating it into the site will take some time, and so in the meantime I plan to use Facebook more and I've added an FB widget to the main Panbo page with a bigger one on the About page.

When the Panbo News+ page debuts, the Facebook and Twitter entries can simply reference them, and the widgets can come down.

That's what I'm thinking, but I know there are some good Web designers out there who may have better ideas. Heck, any reader might have a good idea. Please don't hesitate.

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  • Hi Ben - seems like a distraction, but keeping up with two "Panbo" pages isn't all that hard, I guess :)

    Most "News" items will not attract a lot of commentary, but it is noticeable how every once in a while a seemingly simple news item will trip off an intense discussion. Sometimes the commentary is more revealing/interesting than the news item itself!

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